04 Aug

Does 3D Fiber Lashes Really Work?

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Back here with another product review. Each week I take on a new product ( something I see and wonder if it REALLY works) I buy these products myself and tape how it works ( or how it does not work ;) ) Make sure your are following me on YouTube :) The Mascara I [...]

03 Aug

Bath and Body Works Haul – VIP Bag

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I had another Bath and Body Work shopping spree :) I bought the VIP bag and I am here to show you everything I got :) Disclaimer - I bought everything myself Enjoy The Video

01 Aug

What To Buy In August

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I know one of the hardest things to know when you are trying to save money is when to buy and not buy things My team and I have gotten together and made a list for you for August :) It is in video format since I really go into a lot of detail or each [...]